CEIC Sustainable Solutions, Dubai, empowers businesses with Sustainability and Responsible Care Management Systems

CEIC Sustainable Solutions, Dubai, empowers businesses with Sustainability and Responsible Care Management Systems

In today’s world of prolific development, for most of the companies, one of the key challenges is how they have planned out their business operations in a responsible, sustainable way towards a sustainable future. Responsible Care and Sustainable Management for minimizing impact on the environment, remains key commitment for the companies. At CEIC Sustainable Solutions,Dubai, our aim is to enable companies to develop and manage process and perform operations in align with their sustainability management commitments. We offer services and consultancy for Greenhouse Gas Management, Energy Management, Business Continuity Management, Quality Management, and Process Safety Management. We welcome to work with companies aspiring to be energy efficient and reduce Greenhouse and adopt responsible care program and to be energy efficient.

Over the years, we have helped companies immensely in UAE, across GCC and other regional countries lower environmental costs, and train their employees using tools, programs and best practices, and progress by meeting performance measure goals.

With the increasing need of commitment towards sustainable development for companies, CEIC aim is to ensure smooth implementation of responsible care management programs. The industry is gradually recognizing growing need of sustainable practices, environmental protection and safety to be major players in regional and global level. According Tahir J Qadir, a sustainable solutions expert, ‘adopting Responsible Care programs is one of the key factors to ensure the future growth for companies. It is about businesses must acknowledge the importance of responsible care and commitment to staff health, safety, security, communities and the environment.’

The Responsible Care Management system program caters from health and safety to waste minimization and management to sustainable practices. It is responsibility of companies to adopt principles and practices that is essential to improving quality of life. By implementing this responsive care quality management program, companies can improve their sustainable performance.

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