Responsible Care Management System RC 14001

Dubai Responsible Care Management

A fast growing world-wide initiative becoming increasing popular, is a voluntary initiative to continuously improve and protect the environment, health, safety and security (EHSS) of the facilities and the community. Responsible Care has increased product stewardship focus and is a system to manage and communicate EHSS issues along the whole value chain.

CEIC provides expertise to help organizations, associations, councils adopt Responsible Care at the regional, national and sector level. Our extensive involvement with regional association in the gulf and across the globe has helped organizations and associations to achieve their strategically important goals in remarkably shorter time.

What CEIC offers at the Association Level:

  1. Strategy development to adopt and practice Responsible Care
  2. Responsible Care Program development and implementation.
  3. Developing program for protecting Responsible Care logo.
  4. Developing Performance Measurement and Reporting tools.
  5. Development of Codes of Management Practices (CoMPs).

What CEIC offers at the Organization Level:

  1. Responsible Care Management System Development & Implementation.
  2. Gap Analysis-Responsible Care Standard RC 14001.
  3. Aspects development for the value chain and life-cycle activities, products and processes
  4. Alignment of Sustainability and Product Stewardship initiatives with existing systems & Responsible Care.
  5. Assistance in 3rd party verification of Responsible Care in compliance with RC14001.

Helping Clients to manage products, processes and activities along their entire value chain operations with focus on internal & external issues affecting Responsible Care Program

Responsible Care Codes of Management Practices

Responsible Care is supported by Codes of Management Practices (CoMPs) which play critical role at the floor level for the effective implementation of Responsible Care Management System. Developed by the Chemical Industry over a time frame of almost 25 years, these codes reflect the best practices evolved in the industry since its inception and in view of the major incidents faced by the industry

CEIC provides expertise to help organizations implement Responsible Care Codes of Management Practices in a cost-effective and timely manner. The seven codes of management practices developed by GPCA namely, CAER, Product Stewardship, Security, Distribution, Environmental Protection, Process Safety and Health & Safety, are integrated into organization’s existing systems

What CEIC offers:

  • Codes gap analysis
  • Integration of these codes into the existing available management systems
  • Implementation of codes
  • Trainings of all these codes
  • Assistance in 3rd party verification of Codes of Management Practices (CoMPs)